The Organizational Agility Heartbeat

a lightweight framework

creating control and agility

to be successful in a rapidly changing environment

In our dynamic world
organizations must be able to respond fast
to changing circumstances 
Sustainable success
is dependent on the speed 
with which adjustments in the strategy
lead to an actual changed course
Organizational agility is determined by the time it takes to change course when the 'strategy-wheel' is turned
TOAH increases organizational agility
by implementing a disciplined rhythm
to effectively translate strategy
into actual execution

TOAH is a powerful framework that can be quickly and easily embedded in existing processes and structures.

The core of the framework is the rhythm in which an organization links its strategy to predictable execution.

This rhythm is like a heartbeat, creating control and agility at the same time.

The framework in a nutshell

Within TOAH the rhythmic interaction of three parallel tracks creates organizational agility

Strategic Planning

The track Strategic Planning focuses on long- and short-term strategic planning. This is the track in which leaders continuously develop the long-term vision and determine the focus for the next period.

Prepare for Execution

The track Prepare for Execution creates the link between strategic planning and the actual operational execution in teams. The priorities for the next period are prepared in this track until they are clear enough to execute.


The track Execution is the track that ultimately counts: teams deliver the actual products and services with which the organization fulfills its mission and strategy. These teams are rhythmic and directly fed from the strategic course.

TOAH Best Practices

“By implementing this quarterly rhythm, we have made an explicit link between strategy and execution. The TOAH framework that we used to implement this way of working turned out to be powerful, logical and relatively easy to implement. I believe this is the power of TOAH, compared to a more prescriptive and overwhelming framework like SAFe.”

Paul van den Heuvel – Lead IT Business Partner, Digital Information Services BAM Infra NL


"Based on the TOAH framework, Vincent recently started a program at our school that I am very enthusiastic about. The simple fact that we now have a clear rhythm in which we cooperate and determine what we will focus on in the next period helps enormously. This gives a lot of confidence. I am sure that we will realize our ambitions with this way of working "

Frits Roemers - director of Praktijkschool Oost ter Hout

“The TOAH framework provides the guidelines to structure the quarterly meeting and implement a quarterly rhythm in a very practical way. In this way we keep all teams aligned to act as one HR Career Centre, while they can all operate as autonomously as possible."

Mirjam van den Brand - Head of HR Career Centre, NN Group


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In this article, the main points of the TOAH framework are described.

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TOAH creators

Based on their experience in all kinds of organizations and situations, three partners of Inspinity have created TOAH - a lightweight framework for organizational agility.

Vincent Snijder

Henk Venema

Arthur Waterham